Monday, August 31, 2009

I Must Be Emo

You know you must be emo when you look up emo boys kissing.

and you get a thrill

cause its goddamn sexy!


Anonymous said...

yeaahh cute :3 kinda.

but im sick and tired of this "oh emo <3 i love emos oooh" etc :3

but yeah, this is just my opinion :>
and btw, this is nice blog ! =)

and my english sucks ohyeah. sorry about that. -.-'

Zaine Belial said...

hahahaha look at the last picture! so funny :)

Bibi Strange said...

OOOH then i MUST be emo!

Anonymous said...

they are hot!!!!!!!! i love it!!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG! I just totally fell in love with emo boys! I find me an emo boy now. ;)

justin holt said...

ohhhhhh my god soooooo sexy i love emos but not cutters they r way diff then emo i just love the emo look it is soooo smexi

Anonymous said...

You look like your good at that want to try me