Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lex Lightning is CUte!!!

Ok now for some images of the fabulously blonde emo boy Lex Lightning.

If you want to hear and see more about Lex Lightning check out his live journal!!
Lex Lightning journal


Anonymous said...

Haha whold I make u all jealuse if I said lex loves me I hope not cuz I'm not like some ppl but it's true I LOVE U BABE and always will u should know who this is if u even read this haha no whate u will only know who this is by one thing phone call till 3:00 am loved it love u I'll never get over u

Vikki said...

oh LOL
i love how you think you know this guy, there are so many fake hims that you prolly love his pictures and a fake personailty :L
however, im dating his cousin so yea HA!